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Introduction to our Services

At GCSP we pride ourselves on the high level of service and expertise we offer our patients. We provide Medical (Arthritis and Rheumatology), Integrative Health including Chiropractic, and Regenerative Medicine services so that our patients have access to a wide variety of treatment options that can best suit their needs. Read more about these services below.

Arthritis and Rheumatology

Keeping You Moving!
Greater Chicago Specialty Physicians provides the full spectrum of care for patients with all forms of…

Chiropractic Care

Keeping You Aligned!
A unique integration of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation, Exercise Rehab, and Manual Therapy with every treatment. We…

Integrative Health

Keeping You Balanced!
Alternative healthcare solutions that can be integrated into your medical care that will provide you with a holistic approach…

Regenerative Medicine

Keeping You Pain Free!
Regenerative medicine therapies offer a new therapeutic choice that can help alleviate pain and accelerate healing of…

Infusion Centers

Keeping You Well!
Greater Chicago Specialty Physicians provides the full spectrum of infusion therapy services for patients with…

Clinical Research

Keeping You Connected!
Greater Chicago Specialty Physicians is participating in clinical trials and registries to keep you connected with the latest…