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Nancy Daly, APN


Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease Management



“My goals in caring for people with arthritis are to alleviate pain and foster function. I took care of patients with arthritis at a time when medications were few and side effects were  many. There was much more pain and many crippling deformities in the past. Now new treatments are available including a multitude of traditional and biologic medications. I appreciate the care given at GCSP because of the willingness to embrace innovation and use newest and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment strategies. There is also an acceptance and promotion of alternative and complementary treatments that are often of tremendous benefit to patients despite often being dismissed or belittled at other medical practices. Educating patients about their disease and its treatment is very important to me so that I can help to assist our care team in helping a patient achieve their health goals.”




Nancy earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from Loyola University in 1971 and then went on to receive a Masters in Nursing in 2003.  She has a wealth of experience in the field of Rheumatology having earned the designation of Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner from the Arthritis Foundation in 1976. Prior to joining GCSP she had previous experience practicing clinical Rheumatology for more than 12 years.  She has been in involved in multiple clinical trials as a clinical trial coordinator and has experience caring for IV infusion patients as a Rheumatology Infusion Nurse.

Nancy also has experience working in multiple subspecialties that share conditions overlapping with Arthritis and Rheumatology patients including general Orthopedics,  Neuro-spine and general Neurosurgery.

Nancy has experience working in long term care facilities with the geriatric patients which has afforded her a unique understanding of the needs of older patients with Arthritis and other Rheumatic conditions.




Northern Illinois University, Masters of Science in Nursing, 2003

Loyola University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1971




Adult Practice Nurse, 2004- present