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Olga Vila, MD


Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease Management
Spanish Speaking



“What attracted me to become a Rheumatologist was to have the ability to help improve the pain, function and quality of life of my patients. The chronicity of the diseases in Rheumatology allow for a patient/physician relationship that lasts many years. I strive to create a close partnership with my patients, educating them about their illness and the available treatment options and empowering them to make the best decision that fits their lifestyle.”




Dr. Vila is a Board Certified Rheumatologist who has a special interest in degenerative, inflammatory and crystalline arthritis including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Gout and Pseudogout.   

Dr. Vila has experience working as a resident and fellow in the University of Illinois Chicago Sports Medicine Clinics.  In addition, she is an accomplished tennis player who has competed at the collegiate level. Her personal experience in athletics and clinical sports medicine has enhanced her ability to diagnose and treat the diverse and complex musculoskeletal problems that are encountered as a Rheumatologist.

Dr. Vila joined Greater Chicago Rheumatology in 2014 after working 4 years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine.




  • BS, University of Puerto Rico, 2000
  • MD, University of Puerto Rico, 2004
  • Internal Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2007
  • Rheumatology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010




  • Internal Medicine
  • Rheumatology